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Men Of Vision & Evangelism (MOVE)

Every man in the church above the age of twenty-five is an automatic member of the Men of Vision and Evangelism.Meetings of the group are tailored to provoke the men into action and lead in the forefront of the church and the family. It is amazing what causes men to.....

Be absentee fathers; irresponsible adults!

Be Quitters

Campers and not Climbers

Inventors and not Idea Champions

Physically strong but Spiritually weak

Rich in Cash but Poor in Spirit

Blessed with gifts by God but live in poverty

Sit by Greatness and still remain poor

Spirit filled but live in poverty

Sit in Church but not in Service

Live a prayerless life

Cheat on their wives or partners!

Cheat on their partners and have unprotected sex! · Abuse their wives or partners!

Abuse their children; Abandon their children at birth!

Divorce their wives!

Abuse themselves through drink or drugs!

“MOVE” will also be exploring the reasons why men do these things and much more and to develop practical solutions to prevent, reduce or eradicate this behavior.

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