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What is HRM?
HRM is a ministry within Harvest Chapel consisting of individuals passionate about ensuring the growth and stability of people who indicate their desire to become members of the church. The goal of the Reapers Ministry is therefore to transform such people from being mere church attendees into committed members by building them up to maturity and training them for ministry.

How is this done?
Any Church Attendee who indicates a desire to become a member of the church has to go through the Harvest Believers School (HBS), a 16 week intensive bible study course. The HBS is run by the Reapers Ministry whose members handle the classes every Sunday morning. Before beginning the HBS course, the potential members (called Harvests), are assigned to Reapers who have the responsibility to disciple each person assigned to them. The Reaper ensures that his Harvests go through the whole course, are evaluated, and with his guidance is passed into a department within the church. Reapers are also responsible for ensuring that their Harvests receive both Water and Holy Ghost baptism if they have not done so already.

Who can be a member of HRM?
Passion is one of our key words because we believe that it will take passion for anyone to be committed to the work of discipleship as it entails hard work, sacrifice and patience. Any church member who is passionate about soul winning and discipleship is therefore welcome and can become a part of this ministry.

What is the organisation of the HRM like?
The Harvest Reapers Ministry has been divided into four groups known as Sessions. Each session has a leader who is responsible for that particular session and reports to the Head of the Reapers Ministry. The Head is the link between the reapers and the Pastoral Board and reports directly to the Head pastor. The sessions are Zoë (elementary class for converts), Dunamis & Pneuma (developmental classes) and Diakonia (preparatory class for ministry).

There is an HRM coordinator who coordinates the activities like registering people for the HBS, arranging orientation for them, assigning Reapers to Harvests after their orientation and mapping out the progress of each harvest and any issues that arise.

What is an Encounter?
This is a basically a prayer retreat which is organised by the HRM for our Harvests and which features Holy Ghost baptism, Deliverance and extensive prayer. Each HBS student is required to attend at least one encounter but is encouraged to attend more.

What is Harvest Reapers Day?
Every Thursday within the week has been set aside as Harvest Reapers Day. All Reapers are encouraged to pray for their harvests extensively on that day as well as make an effort to visit or at least make contact by phone.

When do we meet?
The Reapers Ministry meets from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month. These meetings are basically to remind ourselves of our purpose in order to stay focused, to pray together for the ministry as well as our Harvests and also to evaluate our progress and strategise.

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