We are very grateful to our Lord for his mercies that kept us through the whole of 2021 and which have brought us to the threshold of a new year full of new opportunities and challenges.

As we gradually step into this New Year we are reminded that God is able to do all things and that he is the source of every good and perfect gift (James 1 v 17)

Having taken us through our year of Dominion the Lord is getting ready to lead us into a new journey in this New Year.

We have been called to be his witnesses on the earth and we must therefore make ourselves available for this purpose.

In this year the Lord will bring about supernatural growth in every area of our lives but especially in the life of the church.

As we spend more time in intercessory prayer, in his word and especially in building strong households of faith he will bring tremendous growth in the church.

We are being called to make disciples through fellowship and encouragement and prayer and caring and evangelizing in our small groups and the Lord has then promised to bring supernatural growth and expansion (Acts 2 v 46-47)

In this year the Lord is challenging us to be courageous as we serve him because he has made full provision for us (Joshua 1 v 3-6). Let us be ready to obey the Lord and take bold steps to preach and teach and practice his Word (Ezra 7 v 10)

We will also experience supernatural growth when we build our capacity in the Word. It is time to allow the Word to grow in us until we become doers and not just passive hearers. (Colossians 3 v 16-17)

We must allow the Word of God to ultimately determine our choices in life. Living the Word will trigger supernatural growth because we will follow the commandments of God (John 14 v 15)

In this year my prayer for you is that you will experience supernatural growth in your finances, your education, your career, your family and your aspirations.

It is time for a major transformation in our church and our attitude towards our communities. We must make ourselves available to the Lord to use to bring light to our communities by deliberately reaching out and serving them in any capacity God will direct us such as through health and educational outreaches.

In this new year we will also trust God for supernatural growth through intensive preaching of the Word. The Word, when preached becomes seeds sown which will grow and yield the harvest of believers (Acts 5 v 14)

The relentless preaching of the Gospel with signs and wonders will be one of the catalysts for supernatural growth (Mark 16 v 20)

The year 2022 holds great seeds for supernatural growth for the church

We cannot afford to be complacent observers or comfortable commentators. We must respond to the clarion call for building the church especially through discipleship in small groups and effective preaching of the Word (Matthew 24 v 14)

Welcome to our year of Supernatural Growth!