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Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Couples Fellowship is to help equip Christian couples for wholesome marital and family living, to ensure harmony, growth and blissful relationships. Every married couple in the church is automatically a member.



•    To assist couples understand that marriage is God’s idea and that He has the blueprint for it

•    To educate couples on the seriousness of a marriage commitment and the challenge to fulfill God’s purpose in their marriages

•    To meet regularly to provide information that will encourage, motivate, and stimulate a healthy marriage through proper guidance through God’s Word 

•    To fellowship with other couples through recreational activities, such as, dinners, ‘weekend getaways ‘etc. in order to strengthen the married couple and one another.


Activities and events are thoughtfully crafted, the fellowship appreciates the peculiar challenges that couples go through at the various stages of their marriages and this is factored into the organization of all activities.


Meetings/Activities are scheduled quarterly.

Why couples should participate in this ministry: Marriage is God’s idea and He has a purpose and plan for each marriage. He calls us to become one and model the relation between Jesus and the church. Our marriages can actually be tool that God can use to win men, women, boys and girls to Christ. What an awesome opportunity.

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